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The Bad Parts

Written by M.A. Lanik and drawn by Angela Oddling.

Self-published. 2024.

The Bad Parts follows the inner-dialogue of a personified Earth as she reflects on her most deadly geographical locations. 


(ongoing series)

Written and drawn by Angela Oddling. 

Self-published. 2023.

Detached follows Casey as she learns to love herself by befriending her personal demons who have manifested into the real world as creatures called Oddlings.

Learn more about the story here.

Lucifer Licorice

Written by Russell Nohelty and drawn by Angela Oddling.

Published by Laguna Studio Too. 2023.

Lucifer Licorice follows a spoiled brat prince named Lucifer on his journey to reclaim his humanity after a candy witch steals his mortal body.

Learn more about the story here.

Spooky Girls: Punk Teen Demon Queen

Written by Pat Shand. Cover and Punk Teen Demon Queen drawn by Angela Oddling. Anthology includes other stories drawn by various artists. 

Published by Space Between Entertainment. 2019.

Learn more about the anthology here.

Supercats (series)

Written by Caleb Thusat and drawn by Angela Oddling.

Published by Scout Comics. 

Learn more about the series here.

Modern Mythology The Hero's Journey

Created by Caleb Palmquiest. Cover drawn by Angela Oddling. The Golden Fleece drawn and written by Angela Oddling. Stories written and drawn by various artists.

Published by Enkidu Studio.

Learn more about the anthology here.


Created by Eric Cockrell. Cover by Angela Oddling.

Learn more about this story here.

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