"Lorna" 2017.

In 2015, I discovered the beauty of acrylic paints. At the time, I was working as a barista at The Blue Canary Coffeehouse in my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA and was constantly inspired by the sight, taste, and smell of the drink and food I served to my patrons every morning. This inspiration fueled many nights full of treat-themed paintings. 

"Orange Mocha" 2017.

"Devil's Food Cake" 2017.

"Tempestro" 2016.

"Nithu's Soup" 2017.

"Candlewick Duchess" 2017.

As a veteran backyard explorer (particularly the woods behind my Nana's House), I never really gave up my childlike sense of wonder, even well into my adulthood. As a result, I create my paintings using inspiration from the real world, twisted with whimsies of my own imagination. 

"King of the Isle" 2016.

"Teresa" 2017.

Of course, nothing inspires me more than the hard work, love, and character of my ancestors. In 2017, my acrylic painting "Teresa", which depicts my great-grandmother, was displayed at the Heinz Historical Museum during the "Art of Facts: Pittsburgh" show. During the opening ceremony of the show, I was awarded as Pittsburgh's Best Emerging Artist of 2017. 

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