Title: Ghostly Love

Created in 2018

Ghostly love is a digital illustration created using Procreate on the iPad Pro. I've been re-drawing this piece for the past seven years to gauge my artists growth. This is the most recent version! With this piece, I used a multitude of digital brushes including the technical pen, noise brush, and various artistic brushes such as dry ink and acrylic. 

Below you can see a short process video of how this illustration was created from start to finish!

"Punk Teen Demon Queen"
Space Between Entertainment

Created 2018

This illustration was created as a variation cover for the upcoming comic anthology "Spooky Girls" published by Space Between Entertainment. The anthology includes a story titled "Punk Teen Demon Queen", in which I am the sequential artist. Spooky Girls was funded on Kickstarter at a whopping $12,356 on Halloween of 2018. I also created enamel pin designs of all the anthology's characters, which were offered as higher tier rewards. You can see them below! 

"Zombie Warhol"

Pittsburgh City Paper

Created in 2018

This illustration was created for the late September issue of Pittsburgh City Paper. I was prompted to illustrate an image representing a spooky-themed Warhol museum ( which I used as an excuse to take a visit using my annual museum pass and do some research ). The piece was printed as shown in the picture on the left, and featured at the "Coloring in the Square" event in downtown Pittsburgh, where folks could sit and use the pages as a coloring book. 

"The Pat & Amy Vlog"

Created in 2018

I was commissioned by content creators Pat and Amy Shand to create the opening artwork for their online vlog. The artwork is displayed at the beginning of every video! You can check out the process for this piece below. 

"How to Draw Your Own Adventure Comic"

Children's Museum of Pittsburgh

Created in 2018

Early summer 2018, I was contacted by the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh for a potential opportunity as a guest artist. In collaboration with the program director, we came up with the idea for a workshop that could guide kids through creating their own zine/short comic. 

For this project, I created an example comic that the kids could easily follow. I used my background in character design to come up with "Hop the Frog", the protagonist and set up a 5 page tutorial showing which elements go into a comic book as well as a 5 page short story that used all the steps in the tutorial. 

The zine I created was printed and made available at the museum during the workshop as we worked with the kids to make their very own stories! This was definitely one of my favorite projects, from start to finish, and was a great challenge and learning experience. 

Contact: angelaoddling@gmail.com 
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