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Angela Oddling

Howdy! I'm Angela, a visual artist based in the woody hills of Western Pennsylvania. I gravitate toward illustration work where I can create designs for comics, graphic novels, games, and other publications. I also facilitate workshops focusing on creative processes such as storytelling through comics and zines, working through creative block and imposter syndrome, and other traditional and digital methods of creating such as drawing, painting, bookbinding, and typesetting. 

My personal work weaves monsters and magic into the tales of everyday characters. I often create art which explores the not-so-fun and complicated parts of being a person and how they affect our journeys to self-love and acceptance. I aim to create a place of belonging and comfort within my work, and hope to make my readers feel a little less alone.

When I'm not creating art, you can find me playing games about falling in love, cooking with my partner and three bad cats, and scurrying into the woods to hang out with the trees.

Wanna work together?

E-mail me at

*CV available upon request.

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