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Hi there, I'm Angela Oddling! 

I'm a self-taught freelance illustrator, comic creator, and traditional artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In my spare time, I'm getting lost while adventuring through Hyrule, telling ghost stories in the dark, and roaming Pittsburgh's finest diners on a mission to find the world's best breakfast food. I live in a little apartment with my cat Oopsydaisy and we spend most of our nights dancing together in the kitchen. My illustrations are created with whimsical colors and designs, breathing a little bit of magic into characters and scenes to bring their narratives to life. I strive to create artwork that brings comfort and imagination to everyone! 

I can't wait to work with you! Please feel free to contact me regarding commissions and artwork for sale. 

Here are some of the projects I've contributed artwork to:

Katrina Hates the Dead - Wannabe Press / Promotional Illustration

Pixie Dust - Wanna Press / Promotional Illustration

Nook - Village Comics / Promotional Illustration 

Monsters and Other Scary Shit - Wannabe Press / watercolor illustration interior pages

Cthulhu is Hard to Spell - Wannabe Press / sequential art interior pages

Spooky Girls - Space Between Entertainment / sequential art interior pages

Destiny, NY - Space Between Entertainment / enamel pin designs 

Why Faith? - Arcane Inkdustries / Cover art & sequential interior pages

Modern Mythology Anthology - Enkidu Studio / Cover art & sequential interior pages 

Supercats - Village Comics / Cover Art, Interior Pages, Promo art, Stickers

The Great Command Meant - Arcane Inkdustries / Cover Art 

I've also worked with Pittsburgh City Paper, The Children's Museum of Pittsburgh, The Brashear Association, The Artsmith's of Pittsburgh, and other local establishments to create art, teach workshops and strengthen our city's local art community! 

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